Bathroom renovation is growing in popularity as more families want a that better suits their current needs. If you have been dreaming of a bathroom that’s not only practical and attractive, but also serves as a place for peace and calm serenity, or if your bathroom no longer suiting your needs or seems to be falling apart around you then it’s time for a makeover. The team at Terlecki Homes And Renovations is here to provide you with the kind of design consultation and workmanship that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. As most homeowners live in their home during the bathroom remodeling, YouRenovation takes special care to protect your property and keep construction dust/debris confined. Our contractors maintain a clean, safe work environment for the duration of the project. We assure your satisfaction with our work and look forward to demonstrating the high caliber of service, performance, and professionalism that has helped expand our company year after year.

Our bathroom renovation services include:


1.Tile selection and design
2. Bathtub, shower, or a combination of both
3. Plumbing
4. Radiant heat flooring
5. Natural, overhead and incandescent lighting
6. Replacement of bathroom surfaces and sink countertops
7. Bathroom tile installation
8. Installation of bathroom glass door
9. Replacement of bathroom cabinets

10. Installation of new bathroom flooring
11. Upgrading to a bathroom hot tub or spa
12. Painting or staining bathroom and storage spaces
13. Adding or moving bathroom walls

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