Avocado and Prawn Salad

A scan of the A-Z of herbs and spices will reveal the benefits of consuming herbs, for some they are an acquired taste, but stick with it, this salad is full of health giving nutritional delights

Avocado & Prawn Salad


1 Handful of flat leaf spinach

1 Small little gem lettuce

A good portion of ripped chives

The green tops from a bundle of spring onions

A reasonable amount of flat leaf parsley (to taste)

A reasonable amount of fresh coriander and stems. (to taste)

1 Avocado

1 Red bell pepper rough cut

2 Dessert spoons of north sea prawns

1 Dessert spoon of marie sauce (see sauces and dressings)

2 Teaspoons of fresh lemon juice

Seasonings, Ground black pepper and Cornish sea salt,

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Wash all of the greens, (not including the peeled avocado) drain in a colander, (top tip, empty contents of colander onto a clean glass cloth, and lightly dab to remove excess water.) place on plate or put into a bowl, season lightly with black pepper, Peel, stone and halve 1 avocado, mix the prawns and marie sauce, put a desert spoonful into the hollow left by the seed on the avocado. and place onto plate, divide the tomato into halves, then cut each half into 5 and place onto plate, rough cut the bell pepper and display onto plate, drizzle the lemon juice onto the prawns, season with sea salt (in moderation) and enjoy, this is a very basic salad that is quick to make and looks good. dressings onto the tomato bell pepper and greens are optional, a little lemon juice and virgin olive oil mixed and drizzled could tease the taste buds a little more.

Checkout the A-Zs for the nutritional benefits. yes I know we have used prawns and mayonnaise, but in reality we have used a very small amount, and the goodness in the rest of the meal will out way any harm.

Warning, Be aware of allergies in particular with prawns.

I must give credit for this post in part to http://www.salemsteel.com/. I actually got the idea for this as a result of I little piece I read on their site.

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